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Ramp agent f2f

New Arrival

Last Wednesday I finally recieved a phone interview for the ramp agent position, it went really well  and I was expecting to wait a few days to get a call back to move on, but 10 minutes after my phone interview I was called back and was set up for a face to face interview this coming Thursday.  I hope all goes well.  Also if anyone has any advice I am open to recieve. Lastly I was wondering how long does it usually take to get slotted for the training, if the face to face goes well and I am selected to move forward. Thank you in advance.


Re: Ramp agent f2f

Rising Star

Congratulations on moving forward in the hiring process. My advice to you is “be yourself “ and remember the reasons why you chose SWA to work for. It’s okay to pause and think about your answers to the questions before you respond. Also, make sure you have some great questions to ask the recruiters at the end of the interview. 


Good luck and check back in on how it went. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion