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Reapply after being denied

Explorer C

So I was rejected a job opportunity at southwest in Kansas City 😞 , I can't remember what the the time frame that I'm allowed to reapply is? We have a new airport opening up in the spring of next year and I'll be fairly disappointed if I'm not able to reapply when they start filling positions for the new airport (that's way bigger and will need a massive hiring spree for every airline there) I guess my question is, the position I applied for was a ramp agent spot. that application is now closed. if they post a new application in the coming months will I be able to apply for that?


Re: Reapply after being denied

Frequent Flyer A

After a denial, it is one year to reapply for the same job. You can always apply for other positions too. Don't give up, just give it some time. 😉