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Reccomendations for pre-requisites for entry level marketing positions

Explorer C

Good afternoon!


My name is Dessiriah Buie and I am currently striving to become a part of the Southwest family. I have always wanted to work for a company that understands the value of what I like to call the circle of life. 


The circle of life is when the company values its employees which enhances their overall experience and initiates synergy and builds morale. That, then leads to immaculate customer service, which leads to amazing customer experiences, which leads to the most powerful form of marketing (word of mouth), which leads to increased engagement and optimized sales.


As a longtime customer, I have witnessed the care and passion SW has for its customers and I would love to be a part of such a special and unique organization.


I am currently working in professional services marketing as a marketing coordinator.

However, my background is in retail management in which I worked on high-level projects and served as a "wild card" or "jack of all trades". I was very versatile and able to adapt and learn any area I was assigned.


I am open to any advice or suggestions on things I can do to make my resume more attractive, improve my skillsets, and stand out from the 200-300 applicants.


Re: Reccomendations for pre-requisites for entry level marketing positions

Adventurer C

I’d suggest attending SWA’s career connections and asking.

The link to sign up: