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Received CJO but nothing since.

Explorer A

I received a CJO on 4/10 for a ramp agent position at ALB airport & completed fingerprints & drug screen on 4/12 but haven’t heard back since. I’ve contacted recruiter & coordinator & no response. What should i do?


Re: Received CJO but nothing since.

Frequent Flyer A

Like the rest of us, you just have to wait. Lol. This process requires lots of patience during the days devoid of communication. SW is hiring a ton of people, they'll respond eventually. Good luck on your process!

Re: Received CJO but nothing since.

Adventurer C

The waiting period is 4-6 weeks. It’s listed in the email. But yeah it requires a lot of patience. I completed everything in March and my start date isn’t until the end of May