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Explorer C

Hi there, @adrienneb...

Wondering if there is a recruiter I could speak with about future opportunities with Southwest?  My recent applications all received the same boilerplate rejection letter, but I know I have much to offer!


Re: Recruitment


Hey there, @denroch!


Thanks so much for your interest in a career with Heart! 


I took a look at your Candidate Profile, and I see that you've applied to a few opportunities recently, and all of those were pretty competitive positions. For a little additional context, our Recruiters post a position, and then they review applications in the order received. As they're reviewing, they invite Candidates to set up time to chat and discuss the opportunity more. Since we received quite a few applications for these positions (200+ for all of them, and then 300+ for the Sr People Operations Specialist and Team Leader Learning), that makes the application process super competitive. 


It looks like you've got some incredible experience and background (thank you so much for all you do as an educator!), and I'd encourage you to keep looking and applying to opportunities that align with your interest and experience! It took me many tries too, but I'm very thankful to say it's worth it - and now I get to connect with interested folks like you! 


I'm certainly rooting for you!

Re: Recruitment

Adventurer C

Hello Recruiters😊

Is there any possible ways to discuss work schedule hours or an estimated work schedule discussion with applicants BEFORE sending them to first week training?

Took me 6 weeks to get to the first training week (i had just missed the montly deadline) and I had asked the interviewer/recruiter about an example of work hours but were told they couldnt tell me. I followed up with them two other times via email about what my work hours "could possibly be' (I live an hour and half away from airport) but was never responded to. When I finally got to training week, the admin team said 4 am start time.  WHOA I sure wish I would have known that prior to accepting job. Because of that early start time I had to sadly leave SWA. I was then told by another co-heart that NO my hours would NOT have been 4 am -shux.  Is there anyway to reapply at SWA ? Thank you so much💟