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Regarding Flight attendant application

New Arrival

I sucessfully applied for the Southwest Airlines for the Flight attendant position February 5, 2018.  On St. Patrick's Day of that year, I received an email mentioning the Luck of the Irish and that South West had my application  out of the many thousands of applicants that tried to apply.

It said to be patient beause they were going over each and every applicant.  I was very hopeful and even had a reference letter from a flight attendant who has been with Southwest since the mid 1990's.  Well, I never heard anything until mid December when I received an email stating that South West observed that I looked at the website about the Airlines, and that I should consider applying to South West as a Flight Attendant.  I tried to alert the talent department to let them know that I already applied and that I was patiently waiting to hear from South West Talent

Department.  What is your best suggestion to having success and to move to the next step in the application process?


           Alison Tomlinson 



Re: Regarding Flight attendant application

Top Contributor

Good luck with your application!