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Regarding Flight attendant application

Explorer C

Hi : I have been eagerly awaiting to submit my resume and my application but have not be able to log on to your site all day .Please inform me as to how and where I can navigate to a site so I can submit my application. Looking forward to your response Please just send me the link,  Thank you , Terri Di Loreto


Re: Regarding Flight attendant application


Hi @goterrid,


Thanks for your question and interest is joining the Southwest Team! The Flight Attendant posting link is accessible here, where it will remain until 5:00 PM CST, Friday, February 9. If you have questions about the application process or need further updates please click here for additional information.  We look forward to receiving your application!


Best wishes,

Christina Ayala, Southwest Careers Moderator
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Re: Regarding Flight attendant application

Explorer C



I had a phone interview, about a month ago and I have yet to see if you would like to move forward for the in person interview. I have not received a rejection letter (as I am gratful). So, the only thing I am thinking is that you would like to move forward. I do currently hold a passport and hoping to receieve and in person interview. I was wondering when am I going to receiev an update email on my application