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Relocating to HQ - Recommendations Needed

Explorer C

Hi all-

I will be moving to DAL for a new opportunity at HQ. I wanted to ask if anyone has any recommendations on where to live. Reading apartment reviews give you about a 50/50 on every spot. Looking for recommendations in Las Colinas, Uptown, Medical District, or anywhere else you all might have!


Thank you!


Re: Relocating to HQ - Recommendations Needed

Explorer C


Re: Relocating to HQ - Recommendations Needed

Frequent Flyer B

Dallas gives you "little town feels but big City opportunities".  Like most growing into her own city, the vibe of any area can change by just 1 street. So if possible get short term lease near Lovefield, between 75( aka Central) and The Dallas Toll  Inwood and Toll, OR lease corporate apartments near the same area. All my information is based off my own personal experience actually living in the areas I write about. 


Depending on your sit-ch, will help focus your search. Is it just you relocating, house? apartment? Pets? Roommates? Commute? Own a car or need access public trans? Own? Rent? Price range? OF course there are always opportunities to find something for less or more, so this is just a general.

Some of North Oak Lawn- Park Cities (Univ. & High)- North'ish Dallas/Loop 12(aka Northwest HWY) Royal- Some Knox Henderson- More "home and college" like vibe. Parking a car is not a problem as most places will have a driveway, permit sticker, parking lot privilege. Traffic varies but getting to Love is not outrageous. This area you will probably need a car or use public trans to get groceries, go meet friends, or run errands. Usually you will have access to some type of "yard" or patio for pets. This area has vast amts of apts, townhomes, family homes, prices tend higher end $3,000> mth rent or 1> mill purchase. Some places are very close to SMU so there are rentals available for students and faculty at a lower end, some garage apartments, or 1 bedrooms etc.

Most of Oak Lawn- Uptown- Knox H- "M"Streets- West End- Deep Ellum-Cedars- Bishop Arts- Medic D- Oak Cliff- 

City like vibe, walking to restaurant, groceries, coffee cocktail spots, dog parks, bike trails etc. Close to Love but more traffic"ic" to get there. Limited parking if you have a car. If you do have a pet you might need pet day care, this is more street/buildings, less personal outdoor spaces. Again prices vary, generally $1,800 to rent, $45,000 to buy.


I know nothing of living in Las Collins so I am zero help in that area. 

Good luck hope this helps. 

                  Howdy welcome to BIG "D"