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Remote CS&S

Explorer C

So I've read for this position that southwest supply the equipment needed for the remote CS&S position..does this include laptops/desktops, headphones etc or are u required to have a laptop/desktop already


Re: Remote CS&S

Frequent Flyer C

Hi Jarvisma! I am so a candidate for the CS&S position. Our awesome recruiters have held some great webinars to discuss the position and answer questions. I you missed it you can still get in on the Career Connections webinar on Tuesdays from 1200 to 1300. You can sign up at Southwest Careers on the events tab. In one of the webinars we were advised that we would have to provide our own desks and chair, but Southwest will provide a laptop and one monitor, Yay! The headset wasn't mentioned, I'll be sure to ask in the next session. Good luck to you in the candidate process. Have a great day!