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Requisition number 2022-39272

Explorer C

I’m super excited that I had the opportunity to interview. It’s been three weeks and the status change to complete closed. I was just curious if I’m still in the running. Fingers crossed. 


Re: Requisition number 2022-39272

Frequent Flyer B

Closed complete is the sign the process will not be moving forward with that specific job, and location. I should know as I have received plenty "closed complete".


Reach out to your recruiter that linked you with your interviewers and ask, how you can improve your interview skills? When can you re- apply for the job you were interested in? I did. My recruiter sent me links to mock interviews, and helped me practiced interview questions, and gave me ideas for other job titles my skills would fit with.  So much LUV for my Recruiter 🥰


I  went back to searching for other jobs I was qualified for and would enjoy. From Dec 2021 till about March or April 2022, I only received "closed completed" so don't give up.

My start date is now 6/6. Soooo keep trying, keep applying,  signup for job alerts so you can be a early application. This might just be your time to practice telling others how amazing you are.