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Reservations/Customer Service Employment

Explorer C


I am Bertha C. Rubio and I am seeking employment with your company for reservations agent or customer service agent or a position that I qualify.  All I saw in the 225 program was for pilots.  The other positions were for ramp agent and flight attendant that I can’t do either due to the nature of the job & training.

I am a retired police officer but, also, have police dispatcher experience.  I have done several tasks and assignments in my 27 1/2 years in police work, but now I am looking forward to a new and exciting adventure of a different kind. Furthermore, I would love to see more of the world. 


Bertha C Rubio


Stay safe!

Bertha C. Rubio 


Re: Reservations/Customer Service Employment

Aviator A

First off thanks for your service to the community. 


For your protection I would edit your post to remove your phone number as this is a public forum. 


With regards to applying to work for Southwest I believe they are in a hiring freeze due to the virus so the best thing to do is check back on the careers website once things start to get back to normal. You could also sign up for the Talent Community so Southwest can email you when the job you are interested in is available for applications. 




Re: Reservations/Customer Service Employment

Explorer C

Hello I would like to ask if anyone is familiar with the training times an location in Phoenix AZ for customer service position? Thank you!

Re: Reservations/Customer Service Employment

Aviator C

@Brubio65  your timing might be a little off, but don’t give up. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Reservations/Customer Service Employment

Aviator A

First of all thank you for your service and continued willingness to serve! You may want to check Southwest Careers for any open positions. I don't believe they are hiring at the moment, but I am sure things will pick up soon. Here's a link: