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I have applied for a CSR position in Dallas.  I noticed that only TX residents will be considered.  I am returning to Houston shortly.  However, there was a mandatory field asking if I was a current resident which I answered "No," as I have not received my signed lease, nor my TX drivers license as of yet.  Of course, I was honest, but was hoping there would be a place where I would be able to explain my situation; there wasn't.  I'm concerned that this field will automatically kick out my resume/application and I will not be considered.


Is there a way I can insure this is captured on the HR end?  





Re: Residence

Active Member

I would check your Southwest Careers dashboard to make sure that your status for the job isn't showing "closed/complete."  I've noticed in the past that if you answer "no" to the residency question, your submission is automatically closed.

I honestly don't know how to reach out to HR to let them know that you're planning to move to Texas soon.

I commend you for taking the high road and answering the question honestly. However, if you are absolutely certain that you're moving back to Texas and have already completed an apartment application, I don't see a reason why you could not answer "yes" to the residency question.