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Resume Submission for Flight Attendant

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I submitted a resume several months ago with hopes for joining the SW Flight Attendant team once the hiring process begins again.  Is there a way to check on that resume to verify it is still active?  I would hate to miss out as I know how quickly the numbers fill up!


Thank you!




Re: Resume Submission for Flight Attendant


Hi there @Danica65,


Thanks Danica for your interest in the Flight Attendant position and we would be happy to check on where you are in the process.  Feel free to email me directly at with your full name, email address and contact number.  We appreciate your patience and wish you luck with your Career!


Best wishes, 

Christina Ayala, Southwest Careers Moderator
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Re: Resume Submission for Flight Attendant

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Hello! I have applied for a flight attendant position and I was excited to recieve a "please be patient" email saying that they were working the apps in order.

I have a current resume uploaded but I want to know if I can upload cover letters and recommendations as well? I checked my portal and didnt find a place to upload anything but my resume. Id appreciate any guidance. Thanks!