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Explorer C

Please help me. Just enroled to thé community!  Now I need training on how to find availabillity and how to build a non rev reservation. Thanks 


Re: Retiree

Aviator C

Click the Southwest icon at the top of the screen and go to the main search part to find flights, etc.  Create an account first so you can track your activities.

Re: Retiree

Aviator A

Sigh... once again @floridaguy 100% incorrect.


@JAMM1234 You will need to register for the Southwest Alumni Network Community, this is the general public Community.  @cheyenneallgood can you point the OP in the correct direction to get registered in the Alumni Community?



Re: Retiree

Aviator A

@TheMiddleSeat wrote:

Sigh... once again @floridaguy 100% incorrect.


correct ... our legal, statistics expert strikes out yet again.


I believe that you need to go to the retiree website (where you logged on as an employee)  to both get your answer and obtain a ticket.


I suspect that you get retiree tickets the same way you would have gotten employee tickets.