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Returning candidates

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I was with SWA Lax for a while and unfortunately for me, I had to leave because of a family matter. I am desperately trying to come back, but there are no openings at where I moved to which is NV. Do you have any tips on reapplying and is there a possibility that I can come back? 


Re: Returning candidates


Hi @iheartswa,


We are so glad to hear that you are interested in returning! Everyone is eligible to apply for a position at Southwest Airlines. While there are no specific tips on reapplying, if an applicant is a former Employee and is chosen for the position, they will go through a decision committee before moving on in the process. We hope to see your application for any roles for which you are interested and qualified!


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Re: Returning candidates

New Arrival

Hi there,


I applied for Southwest last year and got a phone interview which I passed for a ramp agent position. I was super excited that I was chosen for a f2f interview; unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the f2f interview for sudden personal reasons. I am aware that there is a one year waiting period  to re-apply again for a position at Southwest. Would they consider me if I missed my first f2f interview, or am I discarded forever for consideration in the future? I have researched about this question, but haven’t found any answers. I’m desperate to know. As much as I want to be part of the Southwest family, I need to know if they are not going to give me an opportunity again in the future. Please, I need a sincere and honest answers.

Thank you for your time reading this. 🙂 

Re: Returning candidates

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@brmari422 did you contact SWA and let them know you could not make it for the interview?  Life happens and Companies like SWA understand that. Where this situation can go wrong is if you didn’t have the courtesy/professionalism to contact and notify.


If you did notify SWA that you could not make it in, I see no reason why you could not apply again. 

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