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Hello. My name is Fruneisha Hood and I have been corresponding with a lady reportedly from Southwest. She recently propositioned me with a job yesterday through my Google mail and prompted me to download an application to correspond with her called Telegram. I looked into the application asking family and friends if they heard about this application, to see if it was creditable. I was interviewed through the application and presented with thorough questions about myself and the last job position I held last. I gave the interviewer my banking details, my name, and my address. She asked if I had any knowledge of mobile banking and I answered yes she sent me a check through my email and advised me to print it out and scan the check through my mobile banking device. Upon doing so I ran into minor problems and ended up at my bank, I asked them if they could help me process my check and the bank told me that the check was a fraud and the job offer letter was a fraud as well. I am feeling a little hurt by the news because the whole thing was a waste of time and energy. I spent 2 days talking with someone and it turned out to be a scam and they are using your company to carry it out. I haven't told the "lady", about finding out she was doing fraudulent activities. I created an account and came straight to you guys because I am upset and want you all to find this woman or person. I have our conversations and proof of the check and other information you may need.



Aviator A

Sorry to hear about your situation.


You need to report this to the police. Southwest won't do it for you. You have all the details. Southwest does not.


I presume this was not due to anything you started. In that type of situation, give the other party NOTHING.



Hi there, @Fruneisha94


We appreciate you reaching out and making us aware of this situation. I'm sorry to hear of this disappointing and frustrating hiring scam you were caught in the middle of. Currently, hiring scams are on the rise, and fake Southwest Airlines job ads are floating around the Internet. It sounds like you likely saw one via email and received messages about an interview screening at Southwest. 


Our Southwest Airlines Careers Team will never ask you to purchase equipment for work, request money as part of the training and employment process, or make a job offer without multiple interviews. If you see a posting for a Southwest job, please check our official Careers site at to confirm the posting is legitimate. The best way to stay updated on new openings is joining our Talent Community on the Careers site to be notified when positions become available. 


Additionally, Job Scams are something the FTC can help with and tracks. We recommend visiting the FTC website to report the fraud:


The Internet Crime Complaint Center (ic3) may also be a good place to file a complaint and it is associated with the FBI:


Finally, we recommend visiting if you may have unwittingly given over PII, particularly your social security number.


Thank you so much for your interest in joining the Southwest Family!


Explorer C

If something seems too good to be true, like quick and easy money for minimal effort, it's probably a scam. Remember, legitimate employers won't ask for your banking details upfront or require you to cash checks for them. It's a red flag when they rush you into providing personal information or pressure you to act quickly.