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Should I continue trying?

Explorer C

I am a former Southwest ramp agent.  I worked there for about a year before I voluntarily quit due to personal issues at the time. I have been trying to apply back to this company but I keep getting the "Thanks, but no thanks email".  I would love to become a ramp agent again with this company but the rejection letters are very discouraging.  Should I keep continue applying for openings in the near future or should I just move on?  Do you know if there's anyone that I can call or email to see about my rehire status to know if I'm blacklisted or something of the sort? 


Re: Should I continue trying?

Adventurer B

You could probably call HR and ask if your status is rehirable

Re: Should I continue trying?

Aviator C

@gdgraves did you leave on bad terms?  Did you give 2 weeks notice?  How was your absenteeism when you were employed?  

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Should I continue trying?


Hi @gdgraves,


Thanks for your interest in returning to SWA! All former Employees are welcome to apply for positions to return to Southwest. The process of checking former work history takes place further along in the process, and you would be informed if this is the reason that you were not being considered for the opportunity. I would recommend applying for jobs you're interested in as quickly as you can when they open, as most of our roles close quickly and have many applicants -- which can sometimes result in your resume not being seen before we hire someone for the role. Best of luck!


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