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Southwest Credit Vouchers

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In Feb. 2019 I booked a vacation to New Orleans  for June 2019 to go on a cruise for my husband and I using 3 credit Cards to pay. 1). The departure for both and return flights on 2 different.  Totalling 3. I became very ill and could not fly or do vacation at all by my Doctor's orders.  I cancelled vacation by calling and explaining that we could not go.  I was told not to worry because of medical issues I would have credit.  I am still under doctors order not to travel but may be released March or April.  Southwest expired my vouchers and said the 3 vouchers could be extended but $400. I lost.  I feel robbed because Southwest Rep. NEVER told me about a refund or a expiration date from date Tuckets were purchased.  I have not been released yet and called 4 days after they expired and was told I lost all but can get $377 back.  I FEEL ROBBED BY SOUTHWEST AND FEEL I WAS NEVER GIVEN CORRECR INFORMATION ABOUT BECOMING ILL.  I HAVE DOCTOR'S NOTE


Re: Southwest Credit Vouchers

Aviator A

I'm sorry to read about your illness (I'm another customer too), but Southwest offers different fare classes, to include refundable (Anytime and Business Select) but they cost more.  See this public web page for detail:


Third party travel insurance is always an option too.

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