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Southwest Rehire Policy

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I was am a previous employee for Southwest Airlines (Ramp/DEN). I had applied for this position many times over the years and unfortunately, due to some bad luck and timing during my new-hire probation, I was terminated for an attendance reason. Southwest Airlines has been a dream job for many years and I'd like to continue to pursue a career, however I have two questions. 1) Is there a way to check my rehire eligibility? and 2) If thats not possible, is there a minimum amount of time that I have to wait before re-applying, or am I able to apply at a different location? It has been three months since I was terminated and I am simply impatient to get back on the horse.




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Re: Southwest Rehire Policy

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I wish you the best of luck. Perhaps if you had just cause for your attendance  problems, they might let you appeal.

Re: Southwest Rehire Policy

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@Calexico click on the link below... Hopefully the direction given will also be able to help you with your question.

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Re: Southwest Rehire Policy

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What would be considered a justified cause?