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Southwest interviews

New Arrival

Hello all!!


I'm new to the Southwest interviewing. I just had my phone interview this past Thursday, I was told they are sending me to a face to face and that someone would call me to set that up within the next two months. I was just curious if anyone had any tips for me for the face to face? I plan on dressing professional and everything like that, I just like knowing what I'm walking into. So any and all tips and comments are greatly appreciated!! 


Thank you!!


Re: Southwest interviews

Top Contributor

Congratulations on getting an interview. While I have not interviewed with Southwest I have seen and heard enough emphasis on the company values to know they want all Southwest employees to know them and recognize how they fit into them. So I would suggest thinking about what you do to demonstrate each of these values in your life and how you would demonstrate them in your job. 


Live the Southwest Way

Warrior Spirit

Servant’s Heart

Fun-LUVing Attitude


Work the Southwest Way

Safety and Reliability

Friendly Customer Service

Low Costs


Of course dressing professionally is also a great idea. Other than that, be yourself and have fun. 




Re: Southwest interviews

New Arrival

Thank you!! I've been doing research about it, I really like what I read! I just want to make sure I'm not only physically ready for this interview, but mentally as well, so thank you again!!