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Sponsorship Opportunity

Explorer C



I would like to inquire about a sponsorship opportunity with Southwest for a Professional Sports Team. We work with a lot of non profits in our area and foresee a  beneficial partnership for both parties. Please let me know if there is someone whom I can get in contact with to discuss more details. Thank you!  


Re: Sponsorship Opportunity

Aviator C

    this isn't your post under another name?  It seems you have the forum mistaken for some place you can just throw out any question and get relief.  It's a discussion forum that I'm sure that I'm sure if you took the same time it took to sign up for this forum you could have found out which department at SWA handles sponsorships.  You're looking on a much larger scale than a one-time check for uniforms.   

Here is what I found: 



Re: Sponsorship Opportunity


Hi, @thomaja13


Thanks for reaching out! 
While this doesn't appear to be a Southwest Careers-related question, I would recommend reaching out to our Teams via email at for marketing and strategic sponsorship inquiries. 

Hope this helps!