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Spring 2020 Internship

New Arrival

Are Spring Internships full time? I am a full time college student and would really like to apply.  I was looking at the job description and it states that the summer ones are, but does not mention the Spring.


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Miya Neal


Re: Spring 2020 Internship

Rising Star

@migirl013  I found the following information on SWA’s internship site:


How long do internships last? What are the start and end dates, and when do I apply?
At this time, we host internships during the spring and summer semesters. Please check our Job Listings for more information as dates can change.

SemesterDurationApplication datesInternship dates
Spring 202015 weeksSept 1 – Sept 14Jan 21 – May 1
Summer 202012 weeks*Oct 1 – Oct 14May 19 – August 7

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