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Start Date Pending....

Explorer C

I completed my interview May 31st, received my contingent offer letter and application on June 2nd, completed my background screening on June 16th stating my recruiter will reach out for a start date and it is now July 6th and I have yet to receive any updates, emails or phone calls. I reached out to my recruiter this morning and I am hoping she can give me any kind of update. I really want to move forward with starting but it is very discouraging when you you do not receive any updates for almost a month. Any help would be appreciated!


Re: Start Date Pending....

Explorer B

Hi there,

When is your tentative start date? I haven't had any movement either but Im sure its bound to happen within the next couple of weeks.  

Re: Start Date Pending....

Explorer A

It’s a process unfortunately but just continue to be patient. I applied in April and finally got movement in June. So just hang in there 

Re: Start Date Pending....

Adventurer B

You will be fine.  The process takes time…. and yes, it is nerve wrecking.  I received my CJO on May 4th and it took up until June 16th to get my final offer letter.

Re: Start Date Pending....

Explorer B

Stay encouraged! I been in processing status for 3 weeks but I am hanging on by faith! Good luck!

Re: Start Date Pending....

Adventurer C

Take a look at the hiring timeline posts, lots of good info and breakdown of hiring with dates.