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Start date 06/27/22

Explorer C

hey guys! my start date is next week 😸 when will i get my instructions for the day of? will my coordinator reach out soon with the details? thx in advance!


Re: Start date 06/27/22

Explorer C

thats my start date as well.  i am awaiting further instructions as well

Re: Start date 06/27/22

Explorer A

That is my start date too. I’m still waiting as well. I’m hoping we receive an email today. 

Re: Start date 06/27/22

Adventurer A

For what position??? I applied for the Customer Service & Support position earlier this morning, but haven't gotten any email saying it was submitted. I got the "Thank you, Thank you for your application" message, though.

Re: Start date 06/27/22

Frequent Flyer A

You will get details by the Friday before your start date! So, by 6/24 at the latest, you should have all your info!