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Sw training

Explorer C

I accepted my job offer and was told the next class was starting on the 28th how soon will i receive training details as to the schedule it’s a week away and i haven’t herd anything since talking to the Recruiter


Re: Sw training

Explorer A

I thought I was the only one. I did the online new hire paper work already on 02/15. What the recruiting coordinator told me that day was that I was going to be at my station (OAK) for a few weeks and then that they’ll fly me out to Dallas for training. But after reading a few posts here, I’m honestly confused LOL. Seems like there’s a few of us starting on 02/28 though.

InstaRe: Sw training

Explorer A

I start  on the 28th too, but idk if they are still training in Dallas cause of covid or not 

Re: Sw training

Adventurer B

You should receive by Thursday. My training emails came in Wed 2/16, I started today. Be patient, those emails are coming. Congratulations!