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Tattoo Policy

Explorer C


I have been reading about the tattoo policy but in need of more information. I am a female that does have tattoos on my legs and top of my foot. My leg tattoos can be covered in pants, now can I wear pants all year long? Also the top of my foot tattoo can be covered in shoes that go over the top of the foot , or if I have tan stocking on under pants to cover that part it can be covered? Is that something that would be allowed? Also I do have tattoos on my upper are that can be covered even in a short sleeve. Would I still be able to apply with tattoos in that area? 


Re: Tattoo Policy

Frequent Flyer C

If they can't be seen there's no problem. If they can you can be disqualified.


Hopefully SWA will do away with this policy. They are no doubt losing some good people who happen to have visible tattoos. 

Re: Tattoo Policy

Explorer C

I have several tattoos that I can't cover up. I have a tattoo near my right ear, another tattoo on my finger and a Persian tattoo on my neck. If I tried super hard, I could hide the ear tattoo by growing my hair long. Lol. And I could hide the tattoo on my finger by wearing a ring, but I can't hide the Persian tattoo even by wearing a turtleneck sweater. You can see how a Persian tattoo looks at Custom Persian Tattoo’s. I love my tattoos, and I don't wish to remove them. But I'm glad I didn't get a tattoo on my face.