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Tech Role application

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I have a strong desire to join Southwest Airlines, as I admire your organization. Despite applying for several positions, I have not received any interview invitations. Could you please provide some guidance on how I can increase my chances of securing an interview with your recruiters?


Job Info:


Full Name: Olamilekan Wahab


Position applied 1: Associate technology Analyst..  Job Reg— R-2023-35533

Position applied 2: Associate Technology Engineer..  Job Req— R-2023-35531

Position applied 3; Associate cybersecurity engineer..  Job Req— R-2023-35526


Best Regards.


Re: Tech Role application

Explorer B

The best way to put yourself in the best position to get hired is to apply to more than one position within Southwest and you have that part covered.  A lot of people only apply to one position in the hopes that it will work out however, it is best to do what you have done and apply to multiple positions.  Also, set up job alerts on your online profile so available jobs can be sent to you email address; check the website each day for new postings because, the sooner you apply to those new postings, the better the chances of getting selected to proceed.

Re: Tech Role application

Explorer C

Don't hold your breath. The recruiting process here fails to update candidates in a timely manner