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Southwest Airlines Community

Time for my curtain call...🤠

Frequent Flyer B

HOLY COW! My forever co-hearts it's time for me to ride off in the 🌇 sunset. Y'all are in great hands. Together y'all have made a wonderful community here. Tons of kindness, lots of understanding, great knowledge, and of course wonderful SPIRIT! Heck y'all made it through "The great Techie mess of 2022" just fine. Remember to always be kind, be helpful, have fun and GOOD LUCK to everyone. 



Re: Time for my curtain call...🤠

Explorer A

Happy retirement! 😊  no matter what the tech happens we will remain strong 💪

Re: Time for my curtain call...🤠

Adventurer A

@About2be are you retiring?? If so, congratulations on a well deserved time in your life! But I also hope you'll stick around on this discussion board! You've provided valuable info, and I know there are probably so many more that would benefit from your knowledge!!