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Time off

Explorer C

Just recently applied for a ramp agent job at a midsize us airport. 


When you have time off, do you have to use paid time off or fto days first and then unpaid time off. I was wondering mainly if you'd also be able to take unpaid time off after you use your pto first. 


Also, when it comes to mandatory overtime, how often does this happen and are you more likely to get called in for 2 extra hours or get called in on your days off?


Lastly, when you work as a ramp agent, what do you do in between flight assignments


Re: Time off


Hey, @awesomeal!


These are such great questions! 

When requesting time off, you would need to speak with your Leader on how to utilize your time off. They'd be able to best speak to availability and options for obtaining the time off that you're requesting - whether that includes vacation time, sick time, unpaid time, etc. In my personal experience, I have used paid time off options before any unpaid time off - with my Leaders' approval!


For Mandatory Overtime, that can vary from station to station. Since there are so many factors and events that happen in our operation, there isn't an exact frequency of when overtime is mandatory. It may be helpful to know that Mandatory Overtime is typically called on a seniority basis, and newer Employees (aka those with lower seniority) would likely be the first called. We're all working to be sure that there is a balance for our Employees while ensuring our operation keeps moving as well! 


Lastly, for work between flight assignments, that could also vary from station to station! We've got some smart technology and People in place to utilize time and resources as efficiently as possible in our operation. There are always Cohearts to get to know, breakrooms to spend downtime in, and opportunities to pitch in elsewhere!


Wishing you the best of luck with your application! Thanks so much for your interest in a career with Heart!