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Trying to apply

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I just saw a job posting for a ramp agent at BWI.  However, when I tried to apply, after entering my email, it prompted me to continue with Facebook.  Upon doing so, I got an error:



 Should I just take my resume to the ticket counter and drop it off with HR?  I know BWI is a hub for Southwest.


Re: Trying to apply

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All applications need to be submitted via

Good luck!



Re: Trying to apply

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Themiddleseat, that's what I'm doing.  Southwest careers first asks me for my email.  When I enter it and click continue, it greys out the email box (with my email address still in it,) and replaces "continue" with "continue with Facebook."  Clicking it (and I'm already loged in to my Facebook account) returns the following error:


App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.


It the switches to a window with a bunch of html code on it.


Southwest careers won't let me continue past this point without using Facebook, but there's something wrong with Facebook.  There has to be a way to apply without going through Facebook first.  In otherwords, there has to be some way to stay on Southwest instead of going Southwest>Facebook>Southwest.

Re: Trying to apply

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@rpayne88  I just acted like I was applying for the position and had no issues nor was I directed to Facebook. What device are you using to apply?  

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