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Trying to dispute information on background. But can’t reach anyone

Explorer C

So I went through my two interviews and got a job offer and started my background checks and my drug test. I also did my fingerprints. I got an email last Thursday from Sterling from verifying my addresses and my job history and driving record. It says that some of the information on there my preclude me from getting a job. I didn’t see anything on there except for that they couldn’t verify a couple of my employers I’ve been trying to call the number that’s listed there. With this message attached to the email.


Please contact me at (phone number) within 5 business days to review the enclosed information and discuss what additional information we need from you before a final decision is made as to your employment status.


I’ve called this number since Thursday and no one has called me back and it still has a prompt that the person is going to be out of the office. The prompt from the Thanksgiving weekend.


just trying to figure this out before the five business days is up