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“Under Review” 6+ Months After Phone Interview

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I had a phone interview 6 months ago which ended really positively. The recruiter told me I’d be leaving in the April class for training.  


Now 6 months has gone by while my application still stays in under review.  I am under the impression they lost my application and really feel like a number in the system.  On fb groups a lot of people that interviewed after me received their yes OR no emails long before I have.  Both my parents work for the airline so I was expecting more organization and personalization from SWA.  Sad to say this application process has made me reevaluate wanting to work for such a large company because it doesn’t seem like they are able to keep track of everyone.  


Re: “Under Review” 6+ Months After Phone Interview

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Have you tried applying for other openings

Re: “Under Review” 6+ Months After Phone Interview

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@Natalielang it goes without saying that the hiring process is very long. Imagine thousands of applicants for one department in the Company, and not to mention the thousands of other applicants for all of the other departments. The recruiters role with reviewing applications and looking for the right fit is super important and takes time.


I know it’s hard not receiving updates, but if you are interested in the position for all of the right reasons, the amount of time it’s taking to move forward in the process is a drop in the bucket. 


Some advice for you...One thing I would never do is question your hopeful future employer on a discussion board regarding their process and the lack of organization because of its size. There are many factors that arise when filling positions, and assumptions only hurt those who are assuming. 

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