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Under Review after 4 weeks of Final Interview

Explorer C

I gave my final interview 4 weeks ago for a corporate position. After 1 week of the interview, the status changes from In Progress to Under Review. I tried to contact the recruiter multiple times to follow up but haven't received any reply. I know Southwest Changed to a new website for an application and status.


Is the dashboard on the old website still up to date? 


I know it is a bad sign that recruiter is not replying to my email. Is there anything I can do instead of waiting? It is good to have closure. 


Please, let me know if you faced a similar kind of experience


I see Southwest employees are actively replying here, if you can give any advice that would be great!


Re: Under Review after 4 weeks of Final Interview

Explorer B

I start at a corporate position on Monday and mine still says under review. It took a lonnng time. Patience is key:)

Re: Under Review after 4 weeks of Final Interview

Adventurer B

I’m in the hiring process for a corporate position as well. Mine says under review on my portal too, but I got a CJO and am in the background check phase. My understanding is that as long as it doesn’t say “closed complete” you’re not officially out of the running yet. Good luck 🤞🏼

Re: Under Review after 4 weeks of Final Interview

Frequent Flyer A

My advice is to be patient. Southwest is hiring thousands of people this summer, and those recruiters are working their hardest and doing their best. As long as it doesn't change to 'closed complete', you're still in the green! Hang in there and I hope you hear something soon. 🙏