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Unopened Job Application?

New Arrival

Hello all!


I applied for a job at my home base in Pittsburgh a week ago (within 24 hours of the initial job posting). I'm super excited for this opportunity and know that I am the perfect candidate so have been making sure I check my application status periodically. I have gotten a confirmation email that my application was submitted, however, my status bar remains at "You've submitted an application". Is it odd that a week later it hasn't even been reviewed or opened? Did I do something wrong on my end?


Happy to hear any input or suggestions!


Re: Unopened Job Application?

Rising Star

I've never applied to work at Southwest but so long as you see a status on your dashboard you should be in good shape.   I've seen flight attendant applicants report here that it took more than a year for the process to play out but I think it's much faster for most other positions.


Good luck!

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