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Vaild employment offer?

Explorer C

I completed and interview yesterday the 28th. Went through all the things,info position applied for. Qualifications. Took the interview test application. I passed going to upload the score and replied hire on to employment. Someone please help inform me if this looks to be ligament Job offer?



Re: Vaild employment offer?

Adventurer B

Always look for errors (particularly spelling) in an email that looks suspicious (spam). Should "Southwest" be two words?

Re: Vaild employment offer?

Adventurer C

Southwest Careers ( is the only place to be able to apply for a job at Southwest. This is directly from the top of that page:

Reminder: The only way to apply for a job at Southwest Airlines® is through this site.Fees don’t fly here -- we will never ask for any form of payment for your application or training.*

*Destination 225° is a program of Southwest Airlines and there is no cost to apply; however, candidates advancing through the selection process will be responsible for all costs incurred.

Re: Vaild employment offer?

Frequent Flyer A

That 100% looks like a scam. Do not continue with this process. 

Re: Vaild employment offer?

Explorer A

Southwest  never say that if offering you a job, its always worded different,  i have couple job offers  in last 2 months and theyre worded the same from 2 different  recruiters. One from Zoom and other from face to face interview. I dont want to post the correct word on site. I just got one yesterday.

Re: Vaild employment offer?

Aviator A

Considering this seems to be a Facebook Message - what do YOU think? 😑



Re: Vaild employment offer?

Explorer A

I always got offer by your email that register on your application, I had  gotten 3 jobs offers , 2 in last 2 months < i got lucky , I inquired  recruiter about a  position that's been under review for last 6 weeks in my dashboard,  I wanted to do instead,, so I got interviewed and was verbally offer a job for that position and recruiter transfer all my pre employment to that position  and got official email and withdrawal from the other positions due to moving forward another position at Southwest