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Virtual Information Session

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I received an email to attend an Employee Referral Information Session hosted yesterday, but was unable to make the session due to scheduling conflicts. While the email listed a specific date and time, I was wondering if there is any flexibility in attending a session at another time. I'd love to still attend the session if possible! 


Any & all insights much appreciated!! 



Re: Virtual Information Session

Active Member 


This one is held every Tuesday. You'll have to register via the link. It goes over interview stuff and they answer questions after. 


Before my interview, I clicked around the Careers page. I explored what was offered. I read the testimonials. They will ask you what you know about Southwest and why you want to work there. There is a lot of info on those pages to use for those questions. Southwest wants to hire people who are passionate and motivated. 🙂 Good luck. Hopefully this helps!