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W-2 for former employees

Explorer C



I am a former employee, I wanted to confirm where I will receive my W2. I have recently moved so I do not remember the address I had on file and want to make sure it will be mailed to the correct address. If anyone can help with this information on how to obtain W2 for former employees it would be apprciated.




Alex Woodward


Re: W-2 for former employees

Aviator A

Given that this is a customer community forum, I am not sure you will get an answer here. When you left SW, I imagine you received resources and info about how to retrieve historical data and to communicate with the company. I recommend going that route. 


Good luck!

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: W-2 for former employees

Aviator A

If I were you, I'd contact the Human Resources people in Dallas.


BTW, if you move, it is your responsibility to provide  your ex-employer with new contact information so that things like w-2s can be delivered.



a retired HR person