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WAI 20 Follow Up Email

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I was at WAI 20 and was told by the SWA recruiting team that anyone who spoke with your recruiting team should expect to receive an email today with a link. I've seen that others have received this email, but I haven't - I also checked my spam folder. Was this email supposed to go to everyone with active applications who spoke to your team?


Thank you for your time!


Re: WAI 20 Follow Up Email

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Sorry for the delayed response. 


Did you get an email yet? If not I'd continue to wait patiently as the airline is tied up with COVID-19 right now so there may be a delay on hiring new people until this settles down. 



Re: WAI 20 Follow Up Email

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Really @bec102896 there is a delay on new hires because of covid, cause my app says closed complete and i face 2 face interviewd on the 3/10 and i have not received a rejection email