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Waiting for months

Explorer C

I submitted my application for the CS&S remote position June. I still have not heard anything my application status just says "In Process'. Am I to assume maybe I will not get selected this go round and just to try again? Has anyone else had this issue? What can I do if anything?


Re: Waiting for months

Aviator A

The application can say in process for months. Southwest gets a lot of applications so it takes time to go though them all if your status changes to closed/complete then you were probably not selected to move forward in the hiring process. 

good luck! 

Re: Waiting for months

Frequent Flyer C

Hi @TJack! Yes! I'm in the same situation. The process really could be better. The hiring Team has a list of email addresses for everyone that applies for a particular job requisition, a DG (Distribution Group). You'd think they could send a single generic email to the group once every week, or every two weeks, or once a month. Something to just say hello, you are still in consideration, maybe some kind of update. We've processed X number of applications, we still have X number to process, X class has been filled, but we have X number of classes remaining. I see people "In Process" for four, five, six months just to sign in one random day to see "Closed/Complete" with zero communication at all for the entire month after month wait. The hiring experience really could be better. Room to improve. 💙💛❤️


Re: Waiting for months

Adventurer C



I'm in the same predicament as well. I hope to hear something soon.

Re: Waiting for months

Adventurer C

My process took almost 4 months. I hope you hear something soon!! I remember when I'd login and see the same thing over and over. You're up next!!:) 

Re: Waiting for months

Explorer C

I applied for the CS&S position in June as well. Still "in process" checking my email a million times a day!  Staying positive and studying those airport codes so when I DO get that official job offer I am one step ahead for training😄 From everything that I have read "in process" is a good thing and until that changes don't give up...We got this!