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Explorer C

Hello my application still says in process I have received two webinar the last one last week and another one for next week I was not able to get into the last one when I register or opt in it says I am already registered but there is no notification or link to take me to the webinar can anyone help please ! I have not yet received an email for interviews and I need to be prepared by getting into these webinar? 


Re: Webinar

Adventurer A

@nataliepruitt12 just to ease your mind, missing the webinars is not a deal breaker. Last Tue was about flight attendants (I missed it, so not sure what all they covered). Week before was on STAR method tips, but you can find really helpful info on YouTube. 


Do you have previous emails with the webinar link? It's the same link for each week. You don't have to register for each webinar. 


As for being 'in process' even those that have been offered a position are still showing the same. Keep in mind that 27,000 applications were submitted, some states more popular than others, so they are running behind. I know it's easier said than done, but be patient. And there will be more than 1 training class, so if you don't make the Sept class, there will be more. 


Good luck!!