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What to expect

Explorer A

I am just a few days away from starting my career on the ramp at IND for Southwest. For those of you that have already started, what can I expect for the first day? And how about the first week? 


Re: What to expect

Frequent Flyer A

Well, your first day and first week will all be in a classroom-type setting. You'll probably get a tour of the airport and see some areas of interest. You'll be watching a lot of slideshows about Southwest and its history, culture, and policies. You'll also learn basic safety for working out on the ramp. After that first week, you'll transition to OJT, and you'll be on the ramp learning how to put all your classroom training to practical use. 😀 


Huge words of advice: Start hydrating yourself now. It takes a bit to actually get your body to where it needs to be. It will probably be hot out there. Comfy sneakers are a must. A wide brim hat is also super helpful to protect your face and neck from the sun... and ALWAYS wear your sunscreen. 


If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!