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When to hear back after proposed start date?

Explorer C

Last month I applied for ramp and was given a job offer after the interview. I did the necessary work for drug testing, background check, and fingerprinting. After a day I got an email back with a proposed start date and if it would work. I responded yes and the recruiter replied to keep an eye out for the necessary information in order to make it official. However, this was five days ago, and I've gotten nothing as of yet. Should I reach out again or wait a little longer? On one hand I figure it's going to be busier around the holidays but on the other it seems weird to not get anything yet with the start date around 2 weeks away.  Thanks in advance.


Re: When to hear back after proposed start date?

Aviator A

With the current situation I’m guessing things are delayed 


I would check the spam/junk folders as well just in case but I’m guessing a delay will occur 

Re: When to hear back after proposed start date?

Explorer C

It is OK to reach out to your recruiter/HR hiring person when you are at this point. The particular person may be on PTO last week and this week. They may also be in the office this week. We have a company holiday on Monday 1/2/2023. I would email or call them (if you have their number). I currently work for SWA.