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Why does this Southwest Leader love his Marketing job?


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Are you looking for a career with Heart? Southwest Airlines is hiring, and we want to meet you! Whether you’re actively searching for a job or passively keeping tabs on opportunities available to you, we want you to know us too. We asked Bill Tierney, Vice President of Marketing & Digital Experience, to share why he loves his job, the People he works with, and Southwest! We hope his words inspire you and share insight into our Company’s culture, Values, and goals.


I’ve always loved meeting with and talking to new Cohearts. While every conversation is different, one question that I’m frequently asked is, “Why do you love your job?” The first thing that comes to mind is the People I get to work with every day, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the work I do every day too. I’ve been lucky enough to help shape the connections so many people have with the Southwest Brand.


Through these conversations, I’ve reflected on many of the things we’ve achieved. One thing that stands out to me is the work from our Teams when they established the new iteration of the Southwest Brand. So, I thought I’d share a little bit of the meaning we put into our Brand, and explore the meaning of the colors in our Southwest Heart.

  • The Warm Red, which is intentionally the most prominent color in the Heart, represents the warmth of our Hospitality and the Customer Service we deliver each day.
  • The Bold Blue represents our innovative Southwest Spirit and our focus to improve continuously—ready for what lies ahead!
  • The Sunrise Yellow reminds us that our future is always bright and, by coming together as a Team, we’re able to conquer challenges as they arise.
  • The Summit Silver is captured in the lines of the Heart. The silver lines and border represent the precision with which we work each day to get the job done across our network.


When these colors form together, they create our Southwest Heart. It’s a wonderful representation of what’s ultimately our Southwest Brand—our People! I feel lucky to learn from our People every day.


I’m proud of our Teams and the work they’ve produced the past 24 months even during a global pandemic. We also continue to grow as a Company and add to our Southwest Family this year! In fact, you could join our Marketing Department. We’ve devoted part of our careers website to sharing the benefits of a career with Southwest. Visit our Marketers with Heart page to learn more and register to receive updates when new opportunities become available. You can also explore our already available opportunities by visiting our Marketing jobs page. Please stay in touch as we continue to grow and share our Southwest Heart with the world.



Bill Tierney

​​​​​​​Vice President, Marketing & Digital Experience