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Will all positions be in one training class?

Adventurer C

Hello future coworkers.  Quick question.   I see a lot of ppl will be starting as customer service reps and have training coming up pretty soon. I wanted to know would it be other positions besides customer service in the training classes?   I just got a CJO on last week and haven’t received anything else yet.  Just the job offer email and uploaded vaccine card.  


Re: Will all positions be in one training class?

Explorer A

Hello Fellow Co-workers! 


 I just got my start date for September 12, for OPS Agent.  I saw a few post with people starting on October 3 with different job titles. Some of the new employee information will probably be the same for all of us,  like company policies etc… so maybe after a few days they will break us into different groups.   Just speculating, cause I really don’t know (lol) just excited!  

Best Wishes to All,


Re: Will all positions be in one training class?

Frequent Flyer A

You’ll be in the same class for a few days, and if there are different positions in your class with you, they’ll eventually split you up. I hope this helps and Congrats!