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Wrong requisition number on email

Explorer C

I applied for Provisioning Agent on October 7th, had a phone interview on the 15th and a F2F on the 25th.  I received an email in my spam folder yesterday that said "thanks, but not right now".  The requisition number on the email didn't match the number for the position I applied for, and my dashboard still says "under review".  Is this something I need to check on?


Re: Wrong requisition number on email

Aviator C

@AllyG very strange that the email went to spam, and the req # was wrong. Are you positive the email came from SW?  The verbiage that said “sorry but not now” seems odd to me. 


I would continue to be patient and check your dashboard status regularly. Did the recruiter you had your F2F with give you their contact information? 


Hope this situation turns positive for you. Good luck! 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Wrong requisition number on email

Explorer C

Hi @AllyG

This happened to my husband too. Did you figure it out? What happened?


Re: Wrong requisition number on email

Explorer C

Hey everyone, thanks for the responses.

The position was filled from within, I called Sarah and she said sometimes the email generates a different requisition number (It really didn't read "thanks, but not right now", lol, but it was, however, letting me know I didn't get the position).

Ironically, I had applied for Ramp Agent as well, and about 2 weeks later, I received a call asking if I was still interested in that position. I have a F2F next week!!!