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Yeah Kim !!

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HI! I hope everybody reads this post. Southwest airlines has an employee in their People Dept, her name is Kim. Kim works in the IT department. I can't say enough about"Kim".

First, she is amazing and I'm sure she is recognized by Southwest, so I thought Id throw her a "your the greatest" from me, a long devoted customer (I only fly Southwest) and an applicant for the FA position. I have been in the customer service industry for over 20 years and specialize in creating memorable experiences, (of course with humor) for my clients. If you knew what I did for a living- they appreciate a funny professional, anyway, as one bz. woman to all of ya'll, Kim is...even beyond my words, which is rare! lol. She is amazing, hard worker, understanding, won't give up and gives customer service a good reputation I wanted to be a FA since age 8, SW resonates with me in such a way that I get an inner feeling that's indescribable when I see your planes, or am on SW. It is the airline for me. I started preparing last year for the day, SW opened for FA's. I've gone the extra mile you could say.... Anyway, this is about Kim. I met Kim the day the

computer crashed, although on my phone call we had no idea it was coming. I started preparing for the upload 2 wks in advance, and experienced "technical difficulties" during those 2 wks. which constituted changing my password and email address so many times, I forgot who I days before the crash, I created a new profile and tested it every day to ensure easy

uploading. Something told me at 4 am..get up! Check your upload, sure enough, there was a red error message, "Don't paic!? I jumped on the phone and was connected to Kim..the rest is the best! Kim took my call prior to the crash, noticed I was in , but frozen, the crash came, she said,

i'll get back to you , keep trying, jumped off the phone to call New Jersey..I kept trying , after 3.5 hours of sitting still, I got in and uploaded my profile. I remember(lol) jumping in the air, picking up the phone and leaving Kim a vm saying "Thank you for guiding me and telling me not to give up(I wouldn't anyway lol) she is encouraging, and if you think thats the story..please read on...

After the crash, my computer went hay wire, red messages, I could not get in..Kim never gave up on me..She would fix my connection or whatever she does(lol) she is  magic, only by the next day, it would crash again. Kim was persistent to resolve this issue, which got worse every day, with no fault of Kim's the server or auto fill or something other than people was causing this 

New email addresses didn't work, changing my password did nt work, the link expired, and Kim march forward, each and everytime.She is kind, understanding, diligent, smart, laughs at me, 

acts like "my friend" and I could always count on her for support. We spoke the first day and again today because she went on vacation (never leave me probably exhausted from the crash and my issues(just kidding) when she was gone things got so bad, I was locked out of everything and all "red messages" came across. I changed passwords, didn't work, everything Kim taught me went wrong, I sent step by step photos (that took 1.5 hours to show her what was happening). I got home today, and my email said, (Simply) Hello Ms. Linda, please press the link, change your password and I left you a vm, have a nice day. Certain it wouldn't work, I tried that before, It did work! Southwest Airlines, I want you to know , you have a rare diamond , when it comes to Kim and her stellar professional and interpersonal skills shine. I could feel her concern and kindness, and her ability to re assure and make me laugh, each and every email, back and forth, this went on for over a month in total, and now I don't know what Im going to do that my computer is working...I feel like I just lost my best friend. Kim is an amazing woman, both personally and professionally, she literally jumped off the phone said "I have to call New Jersey!(?)  but didn't forget me, one customer, and said "I promise I'll get back to you, with words of encouragement, KEEP TRYING! She roots for everyone and cares about both the company and clients, well beyond the call of duty. I luv her - she is the bomb! She rocks and I always think management should know when they have an angel amongst them. Thank you Kim, thank you Southwest, there is no other like you..I know your vision statement will become reality, with employees like Kim, how could it not? Southwest will be the world's most loved, most flown, and most profitable airline, Kindness and luv sells...TY Kim, Im sure all of Southwest employees are great, on each plane trip, I always speak with the FA's remarkable, but now I had the opportunity to speak with a special lady for a month who would never give up. we hung up smiling..


Re: Yeah Kim !!


Hi @Lcwilsonfa,


We agree, Kim is incredible! We will make sure to pass along your kudos.


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