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I withdrew my application for flight attendant, after time has passed, I wished I didn't withdrew my application.   Two months later, I received an invitation to do a one-way interview. I did the one way interview. Will I still get a chance to get an interview after I have withdrew my application and got an invitation to do the one way interview? I am hoping I still have a chance. 


Re: appplication


Hey, @chlozek


Thank you so much for reaching out & for your interest in joining our Southwest Family as a Flight Attendant. I'm so sorry to learn of the confusion surrounding your application, and I'm glad to offer some clarification. 


When you withdrew your application, that removed you from consideration for the Flight Attendant opportunity. There's not a way to "undo" that withdrawing, and I regret the confusion caused by the One-Way Interview invitation that was sent to you on accident. That interview submission will not be reviewed or considered for this opportunity, since your application was already removed. I apologize if that's not the answer you were hoping to hear. 


That said, please know that withdrawing yourself from the application process for this position doesn't affect future employment consideration for the Flight Attendant position or other roles at Southwest Airlines. We'd love to receive your application again when this opportunity opens up in the future!