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closed complete status

Explorer A

Hi, I hope someone can help me.  I received a call after applying for CSA in Dec 2018.  While discussing the resume the recruiter stated I had a 3 months gap of unemployment from 4 years ago and Southwest does not hire with that, I received "closed complete status' on my dashboard.  I have since gone over my employment history and I didn't have a gap. I  corrected my resume and applied for Material Specialist in January 2019 and was sent a "closed complete staus"  by the same recruiter.  

I have emails showing dates of my employment history with those jobs.

I updated my profile with the new resume. 

How can I prove to the recruiter that I didn't have a gap and be considered for future positions?


Re: closed complete status

Aviator C

@DD2 perhaps the position was filled by another candidate? SWA does receive tons of application submissions. That would be my first thought, not that the Recruiter remembered you and rejected your application. 


One thing to always keep in mind when applying for a position (this comment is not personally directed to you or your situation, just for understanding) accurate information on your resume is important since Recruiters have the capacity to verify actual employment dates, education, etc. If there is an integrity issue from the beginning, chances are not good for employment. 

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Re: closed complete status

Explorer A

Thank You