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flight attendant position

Explorer C


Could you let me know how the process works for applying for a position?  I understood that flight attendant applications were being accepted today at 9:00 AM. When I went on the web-site a message came up that let me know that the Service Temporarily Unavailable. About 45 minutes later I was able to input that I was interested in the flight attendant position.  Then the Service Temporarily Unavailabe message came up again.  When the service was then available, no more applications were being taken.  

Could you give me some hints how to avoid the Service Temporarily Unavailabe situation in the future?

Thank you,

Catherine Marzilli


Re: flight attendant position

Frequent Flyer C



thank you for sharing the progress of portial input ... the fix will like be like a beverage service a choppy flight off and on and likely a longer process/flight than we expected... see posts b @KelbyTansey


She does state the position with stay open for about two days and does not 'sell' out at certain number.


Due to the overwhelming interest this morning, we are experiencing a bit of turbulence with the site. We are working our hardest to get it resolved ASAP. We appreciate your patience as we work to get this resolved.



Re: flight attendant position

Explorer C


I can only imagine the overwhelming response to such a coveted position.


I have been so excited about the opportunity to become part of a great team, but feeling a bit disappointed.


I had the same experience as many others did today.  I was on the site ready to apply 30 minutes prior to the position opening, only to have the system revert continuesly to the "Service temporarily unavailable" screen, and then finally, "Thank you, but we are no longer accepting applications for Flight Attendant"

This also happened last time I tried to apply, so I thought I took proper measures to try and get through.  


I'm curious, how do you get through, and why keep the post up for 48 hours if no more applications are being accepted?

Thank you any feedback or advice you can share,



Re: flight attendant position


Hi @SLN, @camarzilli, @KimVanderKley,


Thank you for demonstrating your Warrior Spirit today!  With the overwhelming amount of interest we had in the external Flight Attendant posting this morning, we're having a bit of turbulence with the application site.  Thanks again for your patience and you can find the latest updates here.    


Best wishes,   

Christina Ayala, Southwest Careers Moderator
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