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I was previously employed with Southwest as a CSS. Do I have a chance of getting rehired again? I went through some really heavy personnel stuff and I lost focus and got let go before my probation was up. I really want to get back in more than anything. Can someone please tell me if it’s possible? 


Re: rehire

Adventurer C


You will need to speak to someone in Recruitment, but possibly you can start the question by emailing them.


Not sure if this is the right path to go down, but maybe someone can help direct after you reach out to them. 

best of luck


Re: rehire

Explorer C

Absolutely, you have the chance to be rehired back, along with every other past employee.  The most accurate path of being rehired back is to patiently wait for an open position and then fill-out that application asap.


If your application advances to an interview, this is when rehires have their chance to explain their past situation in detail, to their recruiter/interviewer. This would be your open door.


I've tried for many years to be rehired back and I've failed multiple times but, I've never given up or lost hope. Currently, I just pasted many interviews, I passed my rehire interview, and my "rehire" is currently pending with ops in las. My fingers and toes are crossed b/c this is something I really want too BUT, if I'm declined again, I'll still continue to apply in the future and I'd say the same for you and anyone else, if you really really want it, keep applying every chance you get.